Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College
Month Date Day Particulars
January 1 Monday Winter Break end
January 2 Tuesday Reopen after winter Recess [Even Sem Commencement 2018]
January 3 Wednesday Teaching Day-1
January 4 Thursday Teaching Day-2
January 5 Friday Teaching Day -3
January 6 Saturday Weekly Off
January 7 Sunday Weekly Off
January 8 Monday Teaching Day-4
January 9 Tuesday Teaching Day-5 (Registration by respective Deptt)
January 10 Wednesday Teaching Day-6   (Registration by respective Deptt)
January 11 Thursday Teaching Day -7 (Registration by respective Deptt)
January 12 Friday Teaching Day- 8  (Registration by respective Deptt)(SJST for teachers)
January 13 Saturday Weekly Off(SJST for teachers)
January 14 Sunday Weekly Off
January 15 Monday Teaching Day -9 (SJST for teachers)
January 16 Tuesday Teaching Day -10(CSE Seminar)
January 17 Wednesday Teaching Day-11 (Felicitation of MAKAUT Toppers)
January 18 Thursday Teaching Day-12
January 19 Friday Teaching Day - 13 (Civil Deptt Guest Lecture)(SJST for teachers)
January 20 Saturday Weekly Off
January 21 Sunday Weekly Off
January 22 Monday Saraswati Puja (Holiday )
January 23 Tuesday Birthday Of Netaji (Holiday)
January 24 Wednesday Teaching Day- 14
January 25 Thursday Teaching Day -15
January 26 Friday Republic Day (Holiday)
January 27 Saturday Weekly Off
January 28 Sunday Weekly Off
January 29 Monday Teaching Day 16 (Workshop by Mech Deptt)
January 30 Tuesday Teaching Day -17( Workshop by AUE Deptt)
January 31 Wednesday Teaching Day -18 ( Workshop by EE Department)


Month Date Day Particulars
February 1 Thursday Teaching Day -19
February 2 Friday Annual Sports Meet
February 3 Saturday Weekly Off
February 4 Sunday Weekly Off
February 5 Monday Teaching Day -20 [Declaration of Attendance % of Jan]
February 6 Tuesday Teaching Day -21(NSS Induction Programme)
February 7 Wednesday Teaching Day -22
February 8 Thursday Teaching Day -23
February 9 Friday Teaching Day -24
February 10 Saturday Weekly Off
February 11 Sunday Weekly Off
February 12 Monday Teaching Day -25(5 Days Workshop by EE)
February 13 Tuesday Teaching Day -26(5 Days Workshop by EE)
February 14 Wednesday Teaching Day -27(5 Days Workshop by EE)
February 15 Thursday Teaching Day- 28(5 Days Workshop by EE)
February 16 Friday Teaching Day -29( 5 Days Workshop by EE)
February 17 Saturday Weekly Off
February 18 Sunday Weekly Off
February 19 Monday Teaching Day - 30
February 20 Tuesday Teaching Day - 31(Blood Donation Camp)
February 21 Wednesday Teaching Day - 32
February 22 Thursday Teaching Day - 33
February 23 Friday Teaching Day - 34
February 24 Saturday Weekly Off
February 25 Sunday Weekly Off
February 26 Monday Teaching Day - 35
February 27 Tuesday Teaching Day - 36(Guest Lecture by Civil Deptt)
February 28 Wednesday Teaching Day - 37


MARCH 2018
Month Date Day Particulars
March 1 Thursday Doljatra (Holiday)
March 2 Friday Holi( Holiday)
March 3 Saturday Weekly Off
March 4 Sunday Weekly Off
March 5 Monday Teaching Day-38 Declaration of Attendance % of Feb]
March 6 Tuesday Teaching Day-39 
March 7 Wednesday Teaching Day- 40(First Slot Test)
March 8 Thursday Teaching Day -41(First Slot Test)
March 9 Friday Teaching Day-42(First Slot Test)
March 10 Saturday Teaching Day-43( First Slot Test)
March 11 Sunday Weekly Off
March 12 Monday Teaching Day-44( First Slot Test)
March 13 Tuesday Teaching Day-45 (First Slot Test)
March 14 Wednesday Teaching Day -46(First Slot Test)
March 15 Thursday Teaching Day-47
March 16 Friday Teaching Day-48
March 17 Saturday Weekly Off
March 18 Sunday Weekly Off
March 19 Monday Teaching Day -49(Workshop By Mech Deptt)
March 20 Tuesday Teaching Day -50(Workshop By Mech Deptt)
March 21 Wednesday Teaching Day-51(Free Dental Check Up)
March 22 Thursday Teaching Day- 52(Workshop By AUE)
March 23 Friday Teaching Day - 53(Workshop By AUE)
March 24 Saturday Annual Fest
March 25 Sunday Weekly Off
March 26 Monday Teaching Day-54( Parents teacher meet)
March 27 Tuesday Teaching Day -55(Project Competition by ECE)
March 28 Wednesday Teaching Day-56(Workshop by EE)
March 29 Thursday Teaching Day-57 ( Coding Contest by CSE Deptt)
March 30 Friday Good Friday (Holiday)
March 31 Saturday Weekly Off


APRIL 2018
Month Date Day Particulars
April 1 Sunday Weekly Off
April 2 Monday Teaching Day-58 Declaration of Attendance %-Mar
April 3 Tuesday Teaching Day-59
April 4 Wednesday Teaching Day-60(CSE Tech Quiz Contest )
April 5 Thursday Teaching Day-61
April 6 Friday Teaching Day-62(Seminar by BSH)
April 7 Saturday Weekly Off
April 8 Sunday Weekly Off
April 9 Monday Teaching Day-63(Seminar by CSE)
April 10 Tuesday Teaching Day-64(Seminar by CSE)
April 11 Wednesday Teaching Day-65
April 12 Thursday Teaching Day-66(Workshop by EE)
April 13 Friday Teaching Day-67
April 14 Saturday Bengali New Year (Holiday)
April 15 Sunday Weekly Off
April 16 Monday Teaching Day-68
April 17 Tuesday Teaching Day-69(Workshop by MECH)
April 18 Wednesday Teaching Day-70(Workshop by MECH)
April 19 Thursday Teaching Day-71
April 20 Friday Teaching Day-72
April 21 Saturday Weekly Off
April 22 Sunday Weekly Off
April 23 Monday Teaching Day-73
April 24 Tuesday Teaching Day-74(Seminar by ECE)
April 25 Wednesday Teaching Day-75( Seminar By AUE)
April 26 Thursday Teaching Day-76
April 27 Friday Teaching Day-77( Fairwell to final year students)
April 28 Saturday Weekly Off
April 29 Sunday Weekly Off
April 30 Monday Teaching Day-78(Declaration of Attendance %-Apr


MAY 2018
Month Date Day Particulars
May 1 Tuesday May Day (Holiday)
May 2 Wednesday Teaching Day-79(Second Test Slot)
May 3 Thursday Teaching Day-80 (Second Test Slot)
May 4 Friday Teaching Day-81(Second Test Slot)
May 5 Saturday Teaching Day-82(Second Test Slot)
May 6 Sunday Weekly Off
May 7 Monday Teaching Day-83(Second Test Slot)
May 8 Tuesday Teaching Day-84(Second Test Slot)
May 9 Wednesday Teaching Day-85(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)Student's feedback-4th year)
May 10 Thursday Teaching Day-86(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)Student's feedback-3rd year)
May 11 Friday Teaching Day-87(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)Student's feedback-2nd year)
May 12 Saturday Teaching Day-88(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)Student's feedback-1st year)
May 13 Sunday Weekly Off
May 14 Monday Teaching Day-89(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)
May 15 Tuesday Teaching Day-90(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)
May 16 Wednesday Teaching Day-91(Practical Examination & Viva Voce)
May 17 Thursday Teaching Day-92
May 18 Friday Teaching Day-93
May 19 Saturday Weekly Off
May 20 Sunday Weekly Off
May 21 Monday Teaching Day-94
May 22 Tuesday Teaching Day-95(Theory Examination)
May 23 Wednesday Teaching Day-96(Theory Examination)
May 24 Thursday Teaching Day-97(Theory Examination)
May 25 Friday Teaching Day-98(Theory Examination)
May 26 Saturday Weekly Off
May 27 Sunday Weekly Off
May 28 Monday Teaching Day-99(Theory Examination
May 29 Tuesday Teaching Day-100(Theory Examination)
May 30 Wednesday Teaching Day-101(Theory Examination)
May 31 Thursday Teaching Day-102(Theory Examination)


JUNE 2018
Month Date Day Particulars
June 1 Friday Teaching Day-103(Theory Examination)
June 2 Saturday Teaching Day-104(Theory Examination)
June 3 Sunday Weekly Off
June 4 Monday Teaching Day-105(Theory Examination)
June 5 Tuesday Teaching Day-106(Theory Examination)
June 6 Wednesday Teaching Day-107(Theory Examination)
June 7 Thursday Teaching Day-108(Theory Examination)
June 8 Friday Teaching Day-109(Theory Examination)
June 9 Saturday Teaching Day-110(Theory Examination)
June 10 Sunday Weekly Off
June 11 Monday Teaching Day-111(Declaration of Attendance %-May)
June 12 Tuesday Inter Semester Break
June 13 Wednesday Inter Semester Break
June 14 Thursday Inter Semester Break
June 15 Friday ID UL FITR(Holiday)
June 16 Saturday Weekly Off
June 17 Sunday Weekly Off
June 18 Monday Inter Semester Break
June 19 Tuesday Inter Semester Break
June 20 Wednesday Inter Semester Break
June 21 Thursday Inter Semester Break
June 22 Friday Inter Semester Break
June 23 Saturday Weekly Off
June 24 Sunday Weekly Off
June 25 Monday Inter Semester Break
June 26 Tuesday Inter Semester Break
June 27 Wednesday Inter Semester Break
June 28 Thursday Inter Semester Break
June 29 Friday Inter Semester Break
June 30 Saturday Weekly Off