Industrial Visit at Bhandrai automobile Pvt. Ltd., Sodepur on 30th January, 2019

Around 30 students of 2nd year AUE Diploma participated in this industrial visit along with Mr. Supriya Dhara of the Automobile Engineering Department. The students, who had this marvelous opportunity to undergo the day to day minute industrial details for a workshop, were segregated into four different groups. Each of them had waited with eager anticipation to get their curious minds filled with modern concepts and innovative technologies used from various perspectives.

Mr. Avijit Chatterjee, Training In Charge, Bhandari Automobile Pvt. Ltd. interacted with the students and delivered his precious lecture on Modernization of Automobile Industry and on the upcoming technologies. Later on he allowed our students to have a practical experience on the various automobile parts and systems, like Brake System, Turbocharger, FIP System and different types of Heavy Commercial Engines etc. Students have also given a brief idea about the different segments of the vehicles like, MCV, HCV. Later on, practical exposure of denting and painting shop was also nicely described by the personnel of Bhandari Automobile Pvt. Ltd.

We are very much thankful to the authority of the Bhandari Automobile Pvt. Ltd., especially Mr. Avijit Chatterjee and his team for their continuous support throughout the industrial visit.