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Welcome to Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College, one of the front-liner colleges of the JIS Group. Electrical engineering is one of most fundamental branches of Engineering. The study of Electrical Engineering deals with the generation, distribution and transmission of power with its allied disciples.

Our team consists of eminent faculties with post-doctorates and doctorates and few of them are aspiring to be doctorates and are dedicated to continuously serve the student community.

We encourage research and development in latest technology. We are committed to the development of students and faculties. Our faculties share their knowledge acquired from various international/national platforms and equip the students to compete with international standards.


  • To become a distinctive college of national & international importance which serves the country needs & graduate male / female engineers who can offer their services inside & outside the country.
  • To be a centre of excellence in the field of Electrical Energy & Power Systems.
  • To be at par with the best universities offering engineering education at the UG level in area of Electrical Engineering.
  • To provide programs of the highest quality to produce leader engineers who can address the challenges of the century and excel at an international level.
  • To become a high standard of excellence in education and research in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  • To be recognized for high-quality educational programs through focused activities and excellence of its faculty, staff, graduates.
  • To train the students to have in-depth knowledge of the subjects in the field of Electrical Engineering, thereby making them develop confidence for Research & Development activities and for the placement in multinational & national companies so that the students will be of immediate use to the industry, nation & mankind.


  • To create out full-fledged engineers in the field of Electrical Engineering with an overall background suitable for making a successful career either in industry / research or higher education in India and abroad.
  • To provide excellent UG education which includes the theory and practice of balanced topics in Electrical Engineering, besides promoting ethical and spiritual values and serving the community, the graduates are expected to acquire a fundamental knowledge in a variety of Electrical Engineering fields through a balance of required courses and technical electives.
  • To produce Electrical Engineering graduates who are well qualified for professional practice or graduate studies in several areas of specializations.
  • Empowering students and professionals with state-of-art knowledge and Technological skills with practical approaches.
  • Enabling industries to adopt effective solutions in energy areas through research and consultancy in the area of power & energy sectors, increase the need for saving of energy.
  • Evolving appropriate sustainable technologies for rural needs.
  • To produce excellent, innovative and nationalistic engineers and to advance the field of Electrical Engineering.
  • Provide a quality education with emphasis on strong foundation, fostering creativity and use of modern power & control computational tools like MATLAB, PSIM, Power World etc.
  • Strengthen research activities in the thrust areas of the Electrical Engineering Group.
  • Foster strong collaboration & MOU’s with industries.
  • Support entrepreneurial activities for technology development.
  • EE Department to aim at achieving distinction in higher education and scientific research, serving society and consolidating the principles of creative scientific and intellectual analysis and to contribute in fabricating and developing knowledge and to interact with both local and international societies.
  • To bring grants to conduct national & international events, with projects.


The Electrical Engineering Department at Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College, JIS Group has been active since its inception in 2011. The department has U.G. Programme with about 280 undergraduates Students. The department of Electrical Engineering has well equipped Labs which includes-

Software Application in

  • PSIM
  • Power World

Names of Laboratories

  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
  • Circuits & Networks Lab
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Power Systems Lab
  • Control Systems Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electric Drives Lab
  • Departmental Project Lab
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