AICTE-ECI-ISTE Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards-2018

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, Engineering Council of India (ECI), and the Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), are jointly holding a competition “AICTE-ECI-ISTE Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards-2018” for the students of AICTE approved Degree & Diploma level Technical institutions.


The Awards are aimed for motivating young individuals, inspiring leaders and institutions / organizations to raise their performance in their specific domains leading to significant contribution towards the growth and development of the nation.


Students of DSCSDEC participated in the competition. There were 5 projects submitted from three departments namely ME (1 Project), CE (1 Project) & ECE (3 Projects). The participation details are as follows:-


Department: Mechanical Engineering

Team Name: Team Mechanizer

Project Name: Automatic Irrigation System under Heat & Soil Sensor Monitoring

Participants: Ms Rishita Saha (4th Yr), Mr. Arjya Biswas (4th Yr), Mr. Rishav Sarkar (4th Yr)


Department: Civil Engineering

Team Name: Team Sunshine Civilian

Project Name: Transitional Shelter

Participants: Ms Pinki Datta (3rd Yr), Mr. Soumyadip Saha (3rd Yr), Ms. Mohita Biswas (3rd Yr), Ms Poulomi Das (3rd Yr)


Department: Electronic & Communication Engineering

Team Name: Team Tech-E-Revivers

Project Name: Smart Village

Participants: Mr. Sourajit Nan (2nd Yr), Mr. Arindam Pal (2nd Yr), Ms. Debosmita Ganguly (2nd Yr) Ms. Sayanipa Bose (2nd Yr)


Department: Electronic & Communication Engineering

Team Name: Team Focus

Project Name: Methane easy by four lazy

Participants: Ms. Barna Debnath (2nd Yr), Mr. Dhruba Roy (2nd Yr), Ms. Madhurima Nandy (2nd Yr) & Mr. Shani Mazumder (2nd Yr)


Department: Electronic & Communication Engineering

Team Name: Team Abantik

Project Name: Techno Farming

Participants: Ms. Jayashree Banik (2nd Yr), Ms. Antara Saha, (2nd Yr), Mr. Jitam Debnath (2nd Yr), Mr. Sutarshi Kundu (2nd Yr)