Seminar on Drug Free India Movement

As we are well aware that repeated drug or alcohol use interferes with students' physical and mental health, hampering their overall development and a desired future. As an educational institute it is our major responsibility to provide an environment which not only educates the students on the ill effects of drug abuse but also offers prevention measures before getting caught in this vicious circle.

The Art of Living Institution has started a movement called ‘Drug Free India’ across the country which has been duly encouraged by AICTE to take forward the movement among the students of various institution.

As directed by AICTE a formal workshop/seminar was organised by Dr.Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College on ‘Drug Free India” today i.e. 19th February which was attended by 200 students.

While addressing the seminar Prof.(Dr.) Om Prakash Sharma, our Principal made an appeal to all, for joining hands to make the nation drug free.

A live webcast was shown to all the participants relating to the problem of Drug Addiction in India.

Mr.Rajesh Jagasia –National Director of the Art of Living Programs was present with his subordinate who showed hands on practice on various techniques of Yoga to overcome the drug habits.

During the visit Mr. Krishnendu Ghosh, Sr Manager NW Security explained in detail on the technologies pertaining to 2G, 3G, LTE and VoLTE both on voice and data . He added that very soon 5G to 7G technologies will add many applications in small handled device thus leading to a bigger technological advancement. Students were greatly benefited and took the inputs very seriously.