Training & Placement Cell (TPC) plays a very important role in placement of the students to suitable companies at the end of course curriculum. They are the interface between the college and the industry. They ensure that all the students get to undergo internship training.
The TPC, continuously co-ordinates with various industries and organizations for training and placement for the students. Year after year, it has successfully placed a high percentage of students in industry. It actively obtains feedback from industry regarding the career progress of the the student and conveys it to respective departments for rectification of short comings. Based on the feedback, the department incorporates the industry requirements in their domain knowledge syllabus for the benefit of subsequent batches. The Placement Records over the past few years are testimony to the acknowledgement by the Corporate Sector of the acceptable quality of the students. This has become possible due to the coordinated effort by all the stake holders to ensure that the students are industry ready at the end of each course run by the college.

Transforming the students to industry mode

By the time the students reach the second year of their course are given to understand that learning only the university syllabus is not adequate to become employable engineers. Hence each student is trained in a structured manner embedding the industry specific program and a lesson on the art of clearings interview concurrently with University program. In this regard following are being ensured:-
  • Workshop/seminar on Institute – Industry Interface are frequently organised where Senior Executives interact with the students and guide them regarding their career path.
  • Special Customised Courses on Personality Development, Communication Skills and Soft Skills Development are included in semester routine.
  • TPC in coordination with Department ensure Summer Training for all students
  • Winter Training for 4 weeks (optional).
  • Visits to Industrial Establishments accompanied by experienced Faculty members.
  • On the job Project Training for 1-2 weeks (optional).
  • Practise of Group Discussions, Interviews, Aptitude Tests and Psychometric Tests.
  • Embedded Domain Knowledge and Presentation Skill classes in weekly routine.
  • Pre-Placement Talk by Senior Management Executives from Industry.
  • Well-equipped Language Lab for soft skill training.


The Training and Placement Cell help students explore placement opportunities by:
  • Keeping in tune with day-to-day business events through realistic case studies / workshops / seminars & symposiums / Interaction in class sessions.
  • Combining management education with IT.
  • Comprehensive survey on Marketing, Investment areas, HRD planning and Financial Control Techniques.
  • Industry Academia partnership programs help students to upgrade on industry trend for recruitment policy by various companies

Pre-Placement Talk

The Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is a platform where the company officials address the batch about the company’s background, philosophy, values, ethos and share details about the profiles offered, the eligibility criteria, the selection processes, compensation and other details. The PPT facilitates the process of budding engineers building their aspirations to join the corporate world. The companies look forward to attracting the cream of the talent from leading engineering College like DSCSDEC. The thorough selection process at DSCSDEC culminates in the evolution of highly competitive student community, with valuable work experience cut across various sectors, such as Engineering and Manufacturing sector, IT sector, Healthcare sector, Energy and Utility sector, Environment and Agriculture sector, Startup companies, Financial Analysis, Portfolio Management, Consultancy services, sales and distribution providing an opportunity for the companies to select from a large varied talent pool.


The motto of the Counselling Cell at DSCSDEC is –“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to recreate life out of life.” The sole purpose is to help students to help themselves through exploration of their capacities and potentials, and to create a feeling of self confidence which will give them a more positive outlook on life. Students talk in confidence to the full-time Counsellor about anything that benefits them. The process comprise of student awareness about placement process, assessment, career guidance, personal guidance.

Summer Training

The Summer Training program which is compulsory as per the AICTE regulation enables the students to get a first-hand experience of the business environment in functional areas of their interest. The Summer Internship is intended to be an intensive learning experience for the students to experience application of class room knowledge to obtain the end products. The Companies get an opportunity to evaluate the students for further employment.
Companies usually define the scope of the internship project based on their current requirements. Typically, the project has a quantifiable outcome that can be measured in the end. Student internships are generally defined for a period of 4 weeks during the period of June.
Students who do exceptionally well during such training, are offered jobs.